Mogok sapphire - 200 diamonds ring

All the steps of this creation.

New customers have discovered our website and have been in confidence to order a ring for a weeding birthday.

I have met us to first choice a stone. They have selected with me this huge 3.01 burmese sapphire. I bought it from Mogok.

Burmese sapphire Burmese sapphire

The second step was make a design for the ring in accordance of her personality.

The project The project

The drawing was done. After that it was time to use the 3D software to have a better picture of the ring. With that software it is also easy to calculate the number and size of the diamonds to be used.

3 D Project 3D project

Here we have set 200 diamonds on this platinum ring.

You can see the final result. And we was happy together with this result.