Discounts for your loyalty

It is free

  • As soon as you register on, you are registered for free to the "Gem Rewards" loyalty program.

It is simple

  • Everting is automated. You have nothing to do.
  • For each order placed on the website, you earn Gem Rewards.he value of these Gem Rewards will be on the basis of 3% of the amount of your order, not including taxes and shipment.

I earn vouchers

  • 1 Gem Reward = 0.03€. So, you earn 3% of the amount of each order
  • With your amount of Gem Rewards you earn vouchers to pay in whole or in part a next order.

This can be cumulated

  • Gem Rewards can be cumulated with a promotion in progress or any discount.

Period of validity

  • The period of validity of these "Gem Rewards" is 6 months.

The amount of your Gem Revards is available on your account.