Gemfrance and you is your website for buying precious and semi preicous gemstones, gems for collectors, gems for investors, diamonds necklaces, gold and platinum nuggets, cristals and meteorites. 

Guaranties, certificates:

All our items for sale are coming with the guaranty of our invoices . 

For each stone or nugget, we also can provide a certificate from our company on a plastic card with the size of e credit card..

You also have the oportunity to ask to us to provide a gemmological certificate coming from a french laboratory.

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Your jewel:

I am a jeweller.

We are with you on all steps for creating your jewel. It will be a unique piece of jewelry, unique as you.

All our jewels are made in France respecting the rules o the High Jewelry.

Your happiness to wear this jewel will be our satisfaction.

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Lapidary :

We take care to work with the best lapidaries. Almost all the best stones that we buy are recut buy our lapidary to enhance the quality of those ones.

We supply the finest quality of calibrated gemstones in diamond cut or in princess cut. We supply from 0,5mm.

We can also recut any stone from your request.

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 At your service:

For only your pleasure, for a gift, for your collection, for an investment, we try harder to hhelp you. It will be our pleasure.

You can contact us at any time.


Gems for investors:

If you want to invest in a gemstone, we will find yours.

We have very good connections in all the countries from where the best gelstones are coming as in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Mozambique, Tanzania...

A quarter of century working in the gem trade business with a phd in Geology is your guaranty that we will find for you a gemstone in the finest quality for a good investment. It is also the guaranty to see the value of that stone increasing after months or years and easly sale it if you need.

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Ethical and Fair Gem Process: 

We support associations working to bring assistance to the people leaving in the coultries from where the gemstones are coming. 

We respect the Internation chart  Fair Gems Process.


 Tout savoir sur les gemmes et la gemmologie:

Nous vous tenons informé sur l'actualité des gemmes et de la joaillerie. Nous enrichissons en permanence notre Encyclopédie. Que ce soit par simple curiosité ou que vous soyez un spécialiste de la gemmologie, vous y trouverez les informations qui vous seront utiles.


 Votre compte:

Vous pouvez suivre vos commandes dans votre espace client, imprimer vos factures, gérer votre inscription à nos lettres d'information ainsi que vos données personnelles. 


Nous vous remercions de votre fidélité:

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