Fair Gem Process

We adhere to the International Charter Fair Gems Process

This international charter regarding gemstones, is an appeal to governments to support the industry which respects the principles of sustainable development.

The different actors in the production chain of gems are all beneficiaries of the system. It provides benefits at every step, from the mine to the customer: mine workers, producers, gem cutters, wolesalers, jewellers.

The charter defines the rules that must be followed by each participant in the Fair Gems Process, the certification process. At the beginning of the production chain the charter is to promote the mining sector that is consistent with respect of the environment, social and economic ethics.

The various stakeholders in the process fair Fair Gems Process voluntarily commit to invest in a more virtuous practice, which helps them to better meet the demands of sustainable and equitable development of trade gemstones.

At that Charter corresponds five commitments to ensure "clean" gemstones for all stakeholders from the workers in the mines to consumer.

1- A guaranty of traceability and transparence

2- A solidarity with the most destitute

3- Promote stakeholders

4- Support for Education

5-Consumer awareness