The advices from a professional

Graduated with a Phd in Geology, perfectionist, the satisfaction of my customers is my pleasure and my priority.

At each step of you order, for a gemstone, a creation of a jewel, or for an investment, I will be near you to bring my expertise for your entire satisfaction.

30 years in the gem trade, after several years at the University, quarantee you that I have the skills to help you in your choice for your and my pleasure.

Our stones ar cut in France or in Asia by qualified lapidaries. We do not hesitate to recut stones, evenif we loose some weight, to obtain gemstones with a better shining.

All our creations in jewelry are hand made in France with the standards of the high jewelry.

In compliance with our personal convictions, we adhere to the Charter Fair Gems Process for an ethic gem trade.

All our gesmstones are guaranteed by our invoices. We also offer the opportunity to edit a certificate from Gemfrance.

We can also order for a gemomogical certificate from a laboratory.

All our rubies and sapphires said unheated are yet wit a certificate from a laboratory.

My concern for perfection (as I do in martial arts...) has prompted me to present photographs in high quality, photography being another of my passions. For each single stone we take a picture in High Definition. For the calibrated stones, we take a picture (still in High Definition) of a lot.