A young creator in the honor

In a next section, I shall present regularly young creators.

They are enthusiasts by their work. They like the good work. They like the beauty. They are perfectionists.

Unfortunately many people cannot live on their creation. Some will arrive there, others shall put their art in the service of workshops of big houses of jeweler's store, others shall have to change orientation.

If, with this column, I can help these talents, it will be a big satisfaction.


The one who inaugurates this approach is Antoine VELSCH, age 30.

This room below concretizes its three years of studies in jewelry and in summer presented to the price of art professions INMA in Metz in December, 2017. Bravo for his second place.

Let us let present him his creation:

Black money, ebony, horn of ram and unimplemented crystal feather by myself.

I chose a penholder to pay tribute to my father left too early ...

It was the man who liked the calligraphy, Celtic art and beekeeping, my room is established of each of his passions.

The crystal feather represents serenity and longevity.

The silver part represents wings of bees stylized in Celtic interlacings for the wisdom and the immortality of the soul.

The horn of ram is the symbol of the fertility, life in movement and the creation, I also chose him as the pleasant color yellow orange-colored looking like the beeswax.

The black ebony represents hell, I especially chose him as the hardness and to contrast the set.

The room is maintained by a silver internal tube and represents its soul.

Here is my work, here is the soul of my father.

Pièce de concours bijouterie joaillerie Antoine VELSCH Pièce de concours bijouterie joaillerie Antoine VELSCH