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Some of the most expensvie diamonds and other gems.

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  • The blue moon diamond - an exceptional blue diamond

    "The blue moon diamond" was found in the Cullinan mine in South Africa. This mine is known to have produced the majority of blue diamonds in the world.

    Blue moon diamond - Photo by Tino Hammid for Cora International. This is a 12.03 carat diamond. Crude 29.62 carats was cut by the company Cora International, which bought for $ 25.6 million. Gross inclusions showed that it took around. Several plastic models were created in order to determine what is the best size for pure stone.

    The owner of the Petra Diamonds mine explained that this diamond is "bright blue with exceptional saturation;. With color and clarity that promise to produce a carved stone of great value and importance"

    "Blue diamonds are among the rarest and most coveted of all diamonds. The Cullinan mine is the most important source of blue diamonds in the world."

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