The December birthstones: turquoise, tanzanite and blue zircon

For December you have the choice between three birthstones: turquoise, tanzanite and blue zircon. These three stones carry a blue color; a perfect color for winter.

Turquoise and Tanzanite are always in blue color. The zircon can be found in a lot of colors, but blue is the color for this December birthstone.


  • The turquoise: Turchese, Turkis, Türkiis, Türkis, Türkiz, Turkoois, Turkoosi, Turkos, Turkuaz, Turkus, Turquesa, Tyrkys, Ngọc lam, فيروز, فیروزه, 土耳其玉概说, トルコ石, Бирюза, טורקיז, फीरोजा़
We well known this special color "Turquoise blue". This color is coming form the cupper
Its name is coming form Turkey.
There are two famous origins for the natural turquoises; the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona
(closed) and in Iran.
We present only a selection of turquoises from theses localities.
The turquoise can be easy used in jewelry.

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Its name comes form the country of the discovery: Tanzania. It was discovered in 1967.
Useful in jewelry, the promotion was done by Tiffany's with Liz Tailor, regarding her eyes in the
same range of color.

The blue zircon exists in all the colors. This blue color is coming from brown zircon from
Cambodia after have been heated.
The blue zircon can be used in jewelry.