The January birthstone: the garnet

For each month there is traditionally a birthstone

The birthstone of January is the garnet. Garnet (English), Granat (German) Granate (Spanish), Granato (Italian), Granat (Turkish), граната (Russian) γρανάτης (Greek), 石榴石 (Chinese) ガ ー ネ ッ ト (Japanese), สี แดง เข้ม (Thai), נוֹפֶך (Hebrew), العقيق (Arabic)

The name "garnet" comes from the Latin "granatus" which means seed. In the Middle Ages, garnet was called "carbuncle", from the Latin "carbunculus" small embers.

You will find on Gemfrance a lot of varieties of garnet for sale. The most usual are red garnets from Mozambique. The rarest is the green garnet demantoid from Ural - Russia. When describing the "garnet color" is generally imagine red color. But we find garnets in all the colors.