2016-09-09: 3 millions dollars for a teapot

A huge luxurious teapot commissioned by a UK charity Foundation (N. Sethia Foundation) has been recognized by Guinness World Records as Most valuable teapot  in the world.

The N Sethia Foundation is a philanthropic organization that provides education, spiritual activities, and medical research in London.

Its name is "The Egoist". It was with sponsorship from Newby Teas of London.

This tea pot was designed by Italian jeweler Fulvio Scavia. It begins with a handle comprised of molded mammoth ivory.

The body of the pot has a base of 18k yellow gold and parts of gold-plated genuine silver.

The gold is covered with 1658 brilliant diamonds and 386 Thai and Burmese rubies.

The Egoist was presented with a Guinness World Records certificate on September 6th at Mosimann's in London, the location of the oldest jewelry house in the world.