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  • Les pierres précieuses célèbres

    Les pierres précieuses célèbres

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  • Actinolite ou actinote

    Actinoliet, Actinolita, Actinote, Aktinoliitti, Aktinolita, Aktinolit, Aktinolith, Aktinolīts, Aktynolit, Актинолит, 緑閃石, אקטינוליט, 阳起石 Composition chimique : Ca2(Mg,Fe+2)5Si8O22(OH)2. Synonyme de Actinote, variété d’Amphibole. L’actinote fait parti de la famille des amphiboles calciques et fait une série continue avec la Trémolite et la ferro-actinote. Système cristallin : Monoclinique Densité : 3.0 à 3.2 Dureté : 5/6 Faiblement soluble dans l’acide chlorhydrique. Se rencontre dans les calcaires métamorphysés (schistes verts et amphibolites) et au contact des roches ultrabasiques.

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  • A pink diamond 8.41ct

    A pink diamond 8.41ct will go on sale on October 7 at the auction at Sotheby's in Hong Kong.

    It is a pear-shaped diamond of the highest purity and intense pink. 8.41ct pink diamond Sotheby's October 2014 It is appraised by the Gemmological Institute of America "fancy vivid purple-pink".

    It was cut in New York from a rough diamond 19.54ct from a mine De Beers.

    The previous record price for a pink diamond was for Pink Graaf, a stone 24.76ct "fancy intense pink diamond", bought by Lawrence Graaf at auction at Sotheby's in November 2010 in Geneva. This pink diamond had reached $ 46.2 million, or $ 1.86 million per carat.DIAMANT-ROSE-8.41ct---2

    The current record price per carat for a pink diamond is held by a diamond 5 carats sold in Hong Kong in January 2009 for $ 10.8 million or 2.15 million dollars per carat.

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  • Feldspar

    Fältspat, Feldespato, Feldspat, Feldspath, Feldspato, Feltspat, Földpátok, Lauko špatas, Laukšpats, Maasälpä, Päevakivi, Skaleń, Skupina živca, Veldspaat, Živec, مجموعة الفلدسبار, فلدسپات, 長石, 장석, 长石, פצלת השדה, Полевые шпаты, Фелдспат. The feldspars are a group of minerals (aluminium silicate) with a variable proportion of potassium, sodium and calcium. Certain rarer members of this series contain barium, strontium, ammonia, etc... The feldspar group constitues almost half of the composition of the earth’s crust. Aside from Sanidine and Celsian, which are generally only of interest to scientists and collectors, feldspar has an important industrial role. Orthose and the Plagioclases feldspars, mixed with quartz and kaolin, are used in the fabrication of ceramics, porceline and refractory products. Most of the feldspars crystallize in monoclinic and triclinic forms.

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  • Increase in stocks of blue topaz for sale.

    Increase in stocks of blue topaz for sale.

    We increased our stock of blue topaz.

    This is one of our best sellers, considering the price.

    We select rigorously blue topaz, and ensure the quality of the cut.

    We suggest, for example, round cut blue topaz like blue diamant.topaze

    - See the blue sky blue Topaz for sale

    - See Topase london blue for sale

    - See Topase swiss blue for sale

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  • 2009-11-14 : The Diamond Pacifer for a rich baby

    The diamaond pacifer was made for Bradd Pitt and Angelina/ It is an exclusive line of custom Diamond Pacifers.

    It is axcluivly available on

    It is paved with 278 diamonds for an amount of 3 carat, on white gold.


    It costs $17 millions.

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